I Saw You…

“James, I saw you today.  I saw you open your front door and let her in,” Lady scoffed.  ” I saw you grab her in your arms, kiss her and carry her upstairs to the bedroom.  You laid her down on our bed and undressed her slowly.  She giggled as you played with her and cupped her breasts. You kissed on her neck and then on her lips gently.  After fully undressing her, you proceeded to pleasure her inner walls with your tongue.  I admit, you had me going with this one as I watched from the doorway.   I saw you enter her with your erect penis and pound away at her.  She moaned loudly and she clawed your back. In a quick move you flipped her over doggie style and pulled her hair as you rammed your manhood into her.  She began to yell and you yelled, “Who’s is it?” You didn’t even have the decency to go to a hotel. You are such a lying cheat and I’m gonna make sure everyone knows it, including Madeline.

Lady rushed down the stairs to meet Madeline sill screaming.  She paced back and forth in front of the door investigating every sound in hopes that it would be her. James, irritated by the loudness of  Lady’s yelling, went into the kitchen to make himself a drink and to figure out how to silence her.  Standing there dressed in just jeans, he picked up the phone and made a phone call.

Madeline, exhausted from a long day, finally entered through the front door.

“Hey Lady, What’s shakin?”

” I have something to tell you.”

“You want something to eat?”

Hurriedly and frantically, Lady began to tell Madeline everything, jumping up and down like a child.  Her heart raced as the words flew out of her mouth.

“Please sit down and listen to me.  James had a woman upstairs today and he sexed her crazy.  He’s been doing for months now and I’ve been here watching.  I’m sorry to just now tell you after so long, but I thought he would stop.  I know you haven’t been happy lately and i didn’t want to add to your troubles. I’m sorry but I felt you needed to know. If you don’t believe me, look at his back.  She clawed it today.  Ask him about it. Now what should we do?”

“What’s that?  What are you saying?  I don’t understand. Keep still!”

Madeline entered the kitchen where James had his back to her on the phone. He was so engaged in his conversation that he didn’t even notice Madeline was home. “Yeah, tomorrow sounds good, round 1 O’clock”, he told the voice on the other end. Madeline walked up to him hastily and asked,”What happened to your back?  “I hurt it at the gym”, he answered not even looking at her.

“James, what’s wrong with Lady?

I don’t know, she’s been barking constantly for 30 mins.”

“Lady, what’s wrong with you?”

Arf, Arf…Lying ass.”

© Simone LaRue 2008


~ by simonelarue on July 1, 2008.

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