Providing the Fantasy

Click, click, click, click, click, her hands feverishly typed as she told about her adventures at the job that day.  She was so excited that he was so interested in her day, better yet her thoughts and feelings. It had been such a long time since anyone paid her some real attention and she loved every minute of it.  Here in this private, Yahoo Chat Room she was able to be herself, to be free, to be accepted for who she is.  Who was she? “Who am I?”, she often asked herself.  “I’m a woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t, I think.” she’d answer herself.

As she chatted into the wee hours of the morning, she was consumed of thoughts of what her Ebony Prince must look like, smell like, feel like.  He typed such sweet sounding words, that she began to perspire from the heat that emerged from her inner being.  Her husband upstairs in bed, she began to touch herself as he commanded from the other end.  She touched herself in places she never knew she had before, imagining her hands were his. “Yeah baby, stroke your clit for daddy and imagine it’s my tongue.” he typed.

Six months ago, when she met the Ebony Prince on-line, she was a little put off with his forwardness.  He explained that he was slightly older than she and was looking for some adventure; just a little fun outside of his marriage.  He explained that the fire had long since been blown out between he and his wife and that he was just there because it was familiar and didn’t want to upset the whole family, besides he still loved his wife.  Knowing that he would probably never leave his spouse nor she hers, she decided that she would talk with him occasionally and that it would only consist of innocent exchanges between strangers.

The first time he asked her to touch herself she quickly made up an excuse and signed off.  Her heart pounding, she hurried into the shower.  While she stood under the water, she giggled to herself as she realized she actually liked the sexually charged attention from the mystery man.  It had been 2 months since Brian touched her as he was too busy with a major case at his firm and she was full of exotic juices that were boiling with intensity.  However, she felt guilty for betraying her husband even in her thoughts.  They had been married 6 years and he was usually more attentive.  It was 3 weeks before she got up the nerve to chat again.

Now, here she is rubbing her clit and moaning, her mind intertwined in a full out affair with a man she’d never laid eyes on.  All she knew was that she creamed at the very thought of him and her heart rate increased.  She was scared but daring at the same time.  Timid yet bursting with sexual prowless.  “Wanna experience the real thing?” he asked.  Flooded with passion, she typed “Yes.”  The guilty thoughts of cheating on Brian flew out the window as she glowed with excitement anticipating being touched in such a provocative and intimate way.

“Meet me tomorrow for a drink”


“Downtown at the Capitol City Bar.”

“Wait, how will we recognize each other?”

“I’ll be dressed in all black with a black leather jacket and a silver earring in my left ear.”

“Black leather jacket?, that could be anyone.”

“My jacket will say, Norcross Riders on the back.”

“Norcross Riders? What’s that”

“Its my motorcycle club, kind of a secret society I belong to.  My wife doesn’t even know I own a bike.  I keep it parked at my friend’s house.”

“Okay, tomorrow then.  I get off at 5pm”

“Cool, see you tomorrow lovely.  Don’t wear any panties. I want direct access to you”

” Woah, Ok I won’t.  Good Nite, I need my beauty rest”

Excited and nervous about finally meeting the Ebony Prince, she signed off and ran upstairs to her closet to find the perfect “first date” outfit.

The next morning she put on her black pencil skirt suit with a blush pink button down shirt.  She put on a garter belt to hold up her black lace thigh high stockings and no panties as her fantasy lover requested.  She slipped into a pair of black pointed toe heels and put on a silver necklace and matching earrings .  She put big, bouncy curls in her hair, which she pinned up in a bun and applied her make-up with precision.  She grabbed her keys, purse and briefcase, yelled bye to Brian and sprinted out the door. 

As she sat at her desk, she did nothing but think of meeting the man who would tongue lash her inner walls later.  She couldn’t wait for him to do all those nasty things she dreamed about and craved.  She found herself nibbling on the end of her pen wishing it was the oversized penis he bragged about.  All of her thoughts directed themselves back to the evening that lay ahead of her.  She was almost to the brink of orgasm when her boss entered her office for a file.  She quickly composed herself, gave him the file and headed towards the ladies room.  She checked her watch and took a deep breath as she realized it was 4:50.  She took the longest pee of her life as she hadn’t left her office all day, washed her hands and refreshed her make-up.  She took her mini bottle of Pleasures Perfume from her purse and sprayed her wrists and neck.  She brought her hair doen from the bun, exposing those bouncy curls, unbuttoned her shirt down to her cleavage and gave herself a onceover in the mirror.  Perfect.  She got onto the elevator and rode down to the parking garage.  She walked to her car flooded (literally) with thoughts of the Ebony Prince. 

She seemed to be stopped at every traffic light in the city as she anxiously tried to speed to the bar.  After 20 minutes, she finally made it to the bar, but she sat quietly in the car.   She suddenly developed a conscience and toyed with the idea of just driving away.  How crazy was she to actually meet a man she met on the internet. Very.

“You must be crazy, you don’t know this man.”

“Girl, you need this, we need this.  We haven’t been touched in months.”

” You are married, Brian loves you.  He’s just busy.”

“You have needs, grown woman needs. It will be just this one time.”

“One time will turn into 20 times and a full blown affair.”

“You are just satisfying your curiosity.”

After she took a call from Brian explaining how he would be home late, she got out of the car and walked towards the bar.  Once inside she stood in the shadows trying to catch a glimpse of her dream lover.  30 minutes must have passed by and still not sign of him.  When she was about to leave, fuming that she’d been stood up, she saw a black leather jacket in the corner.  The man in the jacket was talking with a group of men sharing laughs and beers.  As she neared him, she spotted the Norcross Riders emblem on his jacket.  Sure enough it was him and a thousand butterflies entered her stomach.  As she approached him she couldn’t help but notice an overwhelming sense of familiarity about him.  His back was turned to her, but she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  Standing right behind him, she reached out and put her hand on his shoulder.  “Well, we finally meet,” he says as he turns around.  Her eyes widened as she screamed, “DAD!”

 © Simone LaRue 2008


~ by simonelarue on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “Providing the Fantasy”

  1. I was hoping it would be her husband, but I never NEVER thought that .. WOW. It was not what I expected but in today’s world of Internet dating and the seducing mystery of the unknown, I could see this happening. Totally unpredictable yet very realistic.

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