Shhh…don’t wake my roommate he told her as he fumbled for his keys and she kissed heavily on his neck and ears, her moans getting louder and louder.  He got the door open and quickly threw his keys on the side table by the door knocking the Time Warner Cable and SCEG bills to the floor.  He grabbed her forcefully and thrust his tongue into her mouth exploring every inch of her oral cavity.  The kiss was so deep there was no separation between the two faces as they intertwined in a festival of saliva swapping and tongue sucking.

As hs big hands palmed her ass and she pressed her hips into his ever rising manhood, he secretly thanked the heavens for such a conquest as he craved her all evening across the room at Pure.  In a quick move he swung her around and leaned against his couch.  Pretty impressive as they never lost their lip connection.  The room filled with sounds of loud moans and heavy breathing.

He laid back on his newly purchased, leather couch and pulled her down on top of him.  As they lay there, bodies pressed against each other in a deep embrace, she begins to kiss his neck again and tongue his earlobes.  His erection ever present, she reaches down and unzips his pants exposing the very essence of his manhood.  She reaches down and strokes it ever so gently as he trembles with excitement.  As she moves down toward the flesh covered mountain she lifts herself up and explains that she needs to use the ladies room.  He points her in the right direction and sighs as his impending lovemaking has been put on pause.

As he lay there anticipating the sensual night ahead of him, his roommate sits quietly in the shadows observing the entire exchange.  This is a great way to end a devastating evening of arguring with his lady over the missing quality time.  He watches the vixen make her way to the bathroom behind the couch but she does not close the door.  Excited about the possibility of sneaking a peek at his roommate’s date, he arches his neck just a little more to get a full view.  His roommate stillunaware of his presence begins to stroke his lifeline to stay aroused while he waits for his dream angel.

The vixen looks in the mirror over the sink, runs her fingers through her hair adn then makes her way to the toilet.  She is dressed in a short, red dress with red spike heels.  The dress is strapless and her hair reaches the middle of her back.  She raises the seat, hikes up her skirt, faces the toilet and pees…standing up. WTF the roommate exclaims, alerting everyone to his presence.

Lesson #1: Be careful who you take home.

Lesson #2 Turn on the lights to make sure you are alone.

 © Simone LaRue 2008


~ by simonelarue on June 25, 2008.

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